Battle Of The Grid .

The AC-45 Wildcat can do a lot things like its Real life counterpart .
It defies gravity at time it can slides thru sim crossings at speeds twice its own wind .
It had no rubber banding effects and has a great fall off recovery rate . You can even recover from a pitchpole or capsize not un like its real life big brother the AC45 .

AC Open TWO 2-HD (1080p) from 45 new media on Vimeo.

What cant seem to do is overcome the dreaded Second life friday . With high hopes Today a eight boat fleet tried to beat the system . Is it USA Broadband? Is it in world traffic ? . We don't know yet but we will be searching it out in the coming weeks .

Reset Sims
Even with half our course in the private sims of The Seychelles isles Sailing Sims which performed flawless . When we ventured out into the LL waters trouble became us . Having reset every sim hours before the race . Our waters did very well . I wish I could say the same about Linden Lab Sims in the Coastal water way actually the whole grid ,Thou yesterday after ten practice runs with out a single crash . This afternoon was a different story , What was even better No Support online to reset LL sims . this at 12:00 noon love to have there Job .

Eight Pilots To Four
Todays line up AC45 Pilots vied for a bigger purse today  our event now sponsored by Four SL Companies, SL Live Radio , BOSL , and the SL Enquirer and the Seychelles Isles estates&Sailing sims .
At stake was 10,000 lindens spread across the top three .
1: Destiny Wescott
2: don Berithos
3: Kentrock Messmer
4: xPaulx Paine
5: VitorCr Resident
6: brenda Ziplon
7: Anu Daviau
8: Colin Nemeth
Iceman on Air
Kentrock did a great job again getting us play by play on SL Live Radio while racing his own AC45 .onboard like RL . Problem was loss of SL meant loss of Kent a couple time but we still got it all in .

On The Edge .

With the first race seeing a fall of half the grid Destiny and Kentrock seemed to make threw the first round of Cyber storms . Kentrock on her tails only to get caught on the next waves of Broadband blips . Actually the three of us seemed to take the storm well until i saw before we the wall if void . A white out and then full browser freeze . and this isn't on corners this is in the middle of sim lines whole regions of the north just vanished.

Photo Finish
Capsizes a bounded pitchpoles and mark wars the other Mark war on the water at the Marks was intense to say the least . with Anu Daviau , Kentrock and Don hull scraping floating row hull flying is becoming a Art . Kentrock Anu I have a dirty little trick Ive learned how to flip you guys when you get to close its called slowing down or putting on the brakes lolo . Ive gotten both you this way and I do apologize LOLOLO.

Kentrock recovering caught me on the third leg that was one the greatest dogfights yet while going thirty knots a tacking downwind duel to the finish of the second race saw a one second Delta Kentrock taking the dueling tacking win. Oh course dealing sitting by eating a sandwich i expect having already finished her Call name is Now Jet Fuel .
Silver and Bronze at Stake
With the two wins in the bag Destiny had the Gold in the bag now the two old wise men of SL Sailing we set to battle it out again with our fourth strong racer Who Knew ANU , Power-boater turned AC Open contender and AC45 Pilot . Anu was with us every race right up to the end sadly . This race would be no different . even with her leading us into the first mark . 

Me and Kentrock again settling back to battle but with Destiny in our sites . at the second leg I found my self alone all of a sudden none behind me none in front what had happened ? as I approached the committee boat for the turn to the Finish line sims in estates I could see my nemesis on the back of Regardless I Cranked in the wing and gave him a fly by to remember just over his fine polished head . Second I had second and the high speed low speed internet challenge was over . Winner all in my book who stayed to race in these conditions

Special thanks to Roan Blackburn my one and only who held us all together , Photog and race management she held the fort while we all crashed around her , Were still trying to train Colin to finish the courses .lets hope he buckles down and practices for more than five minutes hang in there Colin . To Our Sponsors and to Irish Gent our host .

AC Open
Race Results
Race 1
Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott ID027 -- 00:22:17
2: don Berithos ID004 -- not Finished
3: Kentrock Messmer ID005 -- not Finished
4: xPaulx Paine ID021 -- not Finished
5: VitorCr Resident ID034 -- not Finished
6: brenda Ziplon ID134 -- not Finished
7: Anu Daviau ID102 -- not Finished
8: Colin Nemeth ID070 -- 00:24:08
Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott ID027 -- Start: 00:00:00 -- Last lap: 00:22:17Colin
Nemeth ID070 -- Start: 00:00:04 -- Last lap: 00:24:04
don Berithos ID004 -- Start: 00:00:01 -- Last lap: not finished
Kentrock Messmer ID005 -- Start: 00:00:05 -- Last lap: not finished
xPaulx Paine ID021 -- Start: 00:00:05 -- Last lap: not finished
VitorCr Resident ID034 -- Start: 00:00:17 -- Last lap: not finished
brenda Ziplon ID134 -- Start: 00:00:23 -- Last lap: not finished
Anu Daviau ID102 -- Start: 00:00:25 -- Last lap: not finished
Race 2
No times recorded
1. Destiny Westcott
2. Kentrock Messmer
3. Don Berithos
DNF Anu Daviau
DNF Brenda Ziplon
DNF Colin Nemeth
DNF xPaulx Paine

Race 3
Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott ID027 -- 00:23:31
2: don Berithos ID004 -- 00:25:20
3: Kentrock Messmer ID005 -- not Finished
4: Anu Daviau ID102 -- not Finished
5: Colin Nemeth ID070 -- not Finished
Lap Times:

Destiny Wescott ID027 -- Start: 00:00:14 -- Last lap: 00:23:17
don Berithos ID004 -- Start: 00:00:02 -- Last lap: 00:25:18
Kentrock Messmer ID005 -- Start: 00:00:01 -- Last lap: not finished
Anu Daviau ID102 -- Start: 00:00:06 -- Last lap: not finished
Colin Nemeth ID070 -- Start: 00:00:10 -- Last lap: not finished