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iWinds Interclub Challenges.
Secondlife Sailing has had it highs and it's lows.
It has multiple characters and personalities. Its has dominates to submissive's .
Its has truly dedicated Race directors and Sailing instructors to some of the most innovative  designers and builders. It has and was supposed to be built around a friendly Yacht Club Sailing structure .

Some Clubs hold weekly races some clubs choose to have their own sailing programs,some clubs would like to share ideas, Sailing expertise and Knowledge. Some Clubs introduce new Sailors to sailing some thrive to dominate the Sailing grid .  

What has been missing is just plain fun races between the SL Yacht and Sailing Clubs . This is the iWinds idea . 

No SLSA format. Or other group overseeing over governing these events it has the Simplest format .

Sail to each other's Clubs . Discover all the SL Yacht Clubs and what they have to offer . Explore the waters of SL under sail in old favorites,to new and exciting classes of Sailboats . 

No points no teams just friendly no pressure races to visit each club in Secondlife.  

Once points prizes and the of course always dominating clubs form teams that one, are over balanced with super sailors or very competitive leaders that need to be the biggest and the best .One thing always happens . 
The fun gets lost other weekly races get left holding the bag . While these club super teams practice each weeks race so they have some sort of glory points or pixelated Trophy .  

That not the iWinds idea the protocol is easy a club picks another club destination plots a course a class boat and schedule a day . 
Work with the other clubs race director if possible send club notices post in local groups and race to and from that days Clubhouse . Simple . Next week that Host club becomes the destination of the previous clubs clubhouse . 

This not a SLSA sanctioned race its not a Forum based race its a Inter Club cooperative needing no governing no head race directors no jurys unions etc. 

It does not promote any one boat or builder . It does not promote any one estate,ocean or association,It promotes,Sailing free sailing and fun times and more the open waters of SL Sailing .

The Free Interclub challenges have begun already we will mark one month next week . Please contact Don Berithos , Victor or Gemma , Silber . In world or leave a comment here if you would like to host a race or Simply just contact a Club and ask if they want host a race . 

Results will have there own page here and on most clubs own Webpages . We ask to check the calendars of the Blake sea and the SLSA so as not to overlap another Sailing event or race, or importantly Cruise .  

The challenge get the most people you can to come and enjoy sailing and the clubs that promote fair and safe boating practices that observe free sailing practices , That want to promote this great sport for all to enjoy. this is the Interclub Challenge credo all welcome come have fun . 

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