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The Grandeur Of the J Class returned last Sunday ,on the water of Dire Strait seven of these great America's Cup Vessel's returned to the grid . 
Like ghosts of the past the J-Class haunted the SL Yacht & Sailing Clubs Inter club races again .
Once the focus of probably the most successful regatta in Secondlife the J-Class has a new addition Builder's Craig Ktana  edition has some new additions like a WWC wind reading system a Multi sail package , Active Sonar and many updates to come . Thanks to Roan my right hand lady and all that came to watch was a great turn out and a fun day other than some crashes we endured  SL was not freindly to us . Having spoke with LL the region  will go back to a regular restart before our races on Sunday .

Into The Mystic from 45 new media on Vimeo.
J-Class In Secondlife Photo of Roan Blackburn and Shelly Wetherby
Thanks go out to also to The Fishers Island Yacht club we hosted . David and Shelly Wetherby . 
Despite the efforts of other's to derail our Inter Club races remain strong and supported. 
SYC was a no show again despite promises of multiple entries .

This Week we begin with a visit to Jane Fossits Club DYC with the new Rene Marine's Clever 
Golden Gate Yacht Club sl has been blessed with a Demo rezzer like that of SRYC . 
I have sailed this boat all week its a Complex yet easy boat to sail challenging every level sailor 
I have tryed with all my might to crash this boat I can't this is far better a sail engine than any offered right now in second-life I dont know why we arent seeing it in more boats and races . This is a Realife sailing simulators version of a Great Cruiser class . Using WWC wind the old but completely re written Tako engine . 

This week we saw two old established clubs Join the SL Yacht &Sailing Club Inter Club Challenges.
First Fishers Island Yacht Club and then next The Starboards Yacht Club . Both of the Blake Sea .
This week we welcomes a number of club members from all over the grid some ten sailors in The North Sea Fruit islands today .
We sailed three races having a few crashes but not many at all most boats made it over the lines at the start . very close for comfort with ten racers .
Rd Roan Blackburn watched a watchful eye on our Networked start lines that Worked with out a hitch thank you HAY. AH

Destiny Wescott jetted a planng race rocket of a 17 like usual I thnk we need the AC measurement committee check her boat LOL.

New comers today David Wetherby and a old Salt we manged to dust of and get back on the water Kentrock Meemer both on newly bought Nacra 17s did amazingly well .

No stranger to our series Steve LL and xPaulx Paine showed well in all three rounds .
LucyintheSky  of (TYC) miised the first race tardy but mad the the second and third did very well with a seventh and a forth . way to go .

Seasoned Hannelore Ballinger  had some hiccups with two crashes while in great position she did manged a great fourth place finish in the second race .

Wolfhard Resident returns this week with his quiet silent but deadly sailing skills for a sixth,third and a finishing fifth in the third race .

Popow Horbaczewski  gave his best today but had connection problems but he never quit and gave it his all sportsman goes to him . Hate to be in that family my wife neats me everyday lololo. only kidding .Hes got the advantage lets say a inside one .

And Don well while taking pictures making sure the lines where good and we all made our marks still managed a 4.5,6 nice numbers .

Thank you to Elbag for hosting the GGYCsl in the Fruit islands and North Sea and thanks go ot to Destiny testing my course , Roan Blackburn my right arm and David for notices and support .
As well Hawk for his vision of the North Sea sailing area .  Three Commodores and a retired for four Race Directors Sailors a great mix of clubs and sailors for bragging rights no trophy no cup no pressure racing .
I can comment when you take the high stakes Team ,Points , overbearing rules whats left just clean fun hassle free racing .  Time in different waters and skills learning with some of the best racers SL has ever know .

Inter club is Inter Fun Inter sharing and Interesting Next Week we return to historic racing of The New J boat offering J boats haven't been raced since our little infamous Jane Fossits J class regattas of years past probably one the best regattas ever in Secondlife when we didn't fight we sailed with crew and we always had a party at the end . Many of those those that had a hand in that are gone now . But will live in infamy on the waters of SL and the halls of our clubs on the walls and in the trophy cases there memories  should never be forgot and never will . This one the grandest America,s Cup Class Yachts lives on today in SL and in RL. Some suggested it should be the next America's Cup Boat . for the 35th
I know somehow they will be included this cycle . The J Class Returns

EYBC and GGYC host
SL Yacht and Sailing Clubs Interclub Race
February 2, 2014
North Sea, Fruit Islands


Race 1 Breadnut to Eden Siskin

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- 00:13:11
2: Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- 00:13:30
3: Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- 00:13:48
4: don Berithos IDBSE593 -- 00:14:02
5: David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- 00:16:11
6: Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- 00:18:24
7: Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- not Finished
8: xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- not Finished
9: Popow Horbaczewski IDBSB5CB -- not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:07 -- Last lap: 00:13:04
Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- Start: 00:01:11 -- Last lap: 00:12:19
Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- Start: 00:00:36 -- Last lap: 00:13:12
don Berithos IDBSE593 -- Start: 00:00:23 -- Last lap: 00:13:39
David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- Start: 00:01:46 -- Last lap: 00:14:25
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- Start: 00:00:16 -- Last lap: 00:18:08
Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- Start: 00:00:02 -- Last lap: not finished
xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- Start: 00:00:28 -- Last lap: not finished
Popow Horbaczewski IDBSB5CB -- Start: 00:00:58 -- Last lap: not finished

Race 2 Eden Siskin to Breadnut

Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- 00:10:50
2: xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- 00:12:56
3: Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- 00:13:02
4: Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- 00:13:08
5: don Berithos IDBSE593 -- 00:13:27
6: Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- 00:14:14
7: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 -- 00:14:27
8: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- 00:14:30
9: David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- 00:16:17
10: Popow Horbaczewski IDBSB5CB -- not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- Start: 00:00:13 -- Last lap: 00:10:37
xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- Start: 00:00:05 -- Last lap: 00:12:51
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- Start: 00:00:17 -- Last lap: 00:12:45
Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- Start: 00:00:06 -- Last lap: 00:13:02
don Berithos IDBSE593 -- Start: 00:00:27 -- Last lap: 00:13:00
Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- Start: 00:00:49 -- Last lap: 00:13:25
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 -- Start: 00:00:16 -- Last lap: 00:14:11
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:36 -- Last lap: 00:13:54
David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- Start: 00:01:14 -- Last lap: 00:15:03
Popow Horbaczewski IDBSB5CB -- Start: 00:01:27 -- Last lap: not finished

Race 3 Breadnut to Eden Siskin

ace Results:
1: Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- 00:10:52
2: xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- 00:11:24
3: VitorCr Resident IDBS0351 -- 00:13:19
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 -- 00:13:32
5: Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- 00:13:45
6: don Berithos IDBSE593 -- 00:14:14
7: David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- 00:14:27
8: Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- 00:14:45
9: Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- not Finished
10: SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott IDBSADA1 -- Start: 00:00:10 -- Last lap: 00:10:42
xPaulx Paine IDBS4666 -- Start: 00:00:01 -- Last lap: 00:11:23
VitorCr Resident IDBS0351 -- Start: 00:00:20 -- Last lap: 00:12:59
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDBS3536 -- Start: 00:00:09 -- Last lap: 00:13:23
Wolfhard Resident IDBS092D -- Start: 00:00:11 -- Last lap: 00:13:34
don Berithos IDBSE593 -- Start: 00:00:54 -- Last lap: 00:13:20
David Wetherby IDBSF856 -- Start: 00:00:32 -- Last lap: 00:13:55
Kentrock Messmer IDBSE0D6 -- Start: 00:00:05 -- Last lap: 00:14:40
Hannelore Ballinger IDBS5AFF -- Start: 00:00:03 -- Last lap: not finished
SteveLL Resident IDBS7263 -- Start: 00:00:15 -- Last lap: not finished

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