Sunday, February 9, 2014

Everyones a Shiprat

Sailor of the Year . 

Fourteen Virtual Sailors showed up today on the water of the Blake Sea on the mouth of the Coastal waterway . Fourteen willing and able Sailors from all walks of life here . Don't let the Title fool you .

This is a Sailor event there are grandiose race directors no calm of super powers no super teams . 
Just raw fun . 

The completive edge comes out on the water . Fourteen Sailors with one goal, lets sail . Sailor of the years is open to all Sailors you don't need a club a team a guru to get you on the water .  There n implemented conflicts no favorite boat class , In fact the boat changes every week . 

Fourteen Sailors and not one protest not one argument just the wind and friends . Even with other new to the sailing schedule and one that has been trying everything in there Gurus power to disturb this and many other events in Second-life Sailing. Via Over lapping there events trying to pull this tight group of real Sailors apart . No fourteen people said nay to the hip gurus the to kool for school event busters and foot soldiers of the local land barons and Sailed there hearts out in the Patchogue II

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