Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Art of Racing Fast ,

(c) Roanblackburn iSailimages
The Art of Racing Fast.

Wings are not sails something I had to explain to Jane Fossit many many times when we Beta tested the
The AC 45. Wildcat .  Soft sails on a catamaran most time's if you dump your main sail you will de power your boat .

(c) Roanblackburn iSailimages 
This is not true on a Wing Powered Cat . De powering down wind is a Art on a AC45 in RL and on Wildcat AC 45 in Second life . Wings also do something else on Up wind and reaches and even broad reaches they create there own wind . They accelerate the wind across their surfaces . A AC 45 and a AC72 will actually sail faster with out head sails head sails and are used mainly in light wind and to turn the boat .

Sailing at twice the speed of wind is truly a Art and in Second-life what we are learning is that these Wild Wind AC45 Wildcats have hidden speed inside them ..  They are no forgiving boat in Capsizes and Pitchpoling penalties to Wing adjustments and head sail choices .  Which allows for racers to always have a fighting chance to Catch there competitors .

Practice of course is always a added advantage in any type of vessel . But What we have seen first hand  is These Ac45 Wildcats seem to have a almost unlimited reward system  in them .. What does that mean? Well it means they never seem to bottom out in some sort of programmed Hull speed which like ACA boats  have the older [Version Five Lead Sleds] they are so well know to be called by there Past cup crews.

And unlike BWind engined in world boats that have a Pre programmed top hull speed . Some how Corry discovered a way for the boat to reward perfection . At any given day you will find in AC Park in Second life someone always practicing this Art . Studying the courses and doing lap after lap after lap . Why? because when you do finally become Competitive and this curve isnt big to be up front with the big boys its some if not the most adrenaline powered racing available in Virtual  Sailing.

The art of split second decisions like that those in Rl cant be compared to any boat in second-life today,flying a hull over the next mark at 25 knots is really something to see and experience . but doing so with three or four boats right next to you or right behind you even more hair raising ,

The term sweaty palms can be heard a lot at the end of our races . That just how intense it is . Races are won in seconds tenth of seconds in AC park ... A miss que racing with your wing tweaked to all she has at 44 degrees to the water your racing literally on the edge. the edge of victory the edge of hull speed edge of technology . in Real Word and SL Sailing both push the boundaries of what we have always taken for granted .

Ive been lucky enough to sail both in Real life and Actually the first was a AC45 in Plymouth England and with my countries Team, Oracle Team USA. Aboard Spithill boat four . I probly got one the wildest rides a Guest racer has ever had .. We defied gravity almost capsizing we were at the point of no return . The tiller Breaking  and taking my host skipper flying by me some how I grabbed the rudder arm and pushed the arm over into the wind . Like a slow motion thoroughbred  horse slowed down we miraculously started coming back up . And then with a great Slam we were back. Jimmy first comment to me mate you just saved us about 60'000 dollars .  A priceless day caught on so many high light reals and photographers it was at one time Americas cups Number one High light real .

The second America's cup  vessel came at this years America's cup  Super Yacht Races .  At the last minute I got phone call early in the morning two days before the start of the America's Cup Finals in San Francisco . It was my Australian friend the ex head of the failed Australian challenge  for this 34th America's cup PBaker. I had done a lot work on this campaign on again off again on again .  Then woking for Fox Sports AUS for the Vuitton with PB I was then offered the media spot on The Team Objective Australia Red bull Boat . I had covered them up till now for Fox now I was a Team member ..
Any way Pete explained to me if you can find crew I have Chartered the USA 77 version Five Oracle boat now owned by Team Member Brad Webb.. How would I like to Co Skipper .  WOW  would I .
I called my buddies Locke Peyron he was busy I called his press secretary he was busy. I called  my buddy the rear commodore at the Gold Gate Yacht club  they had full schedule for the day at the club .
I called my Norbert he as well was busy with tours up in Ac park .

Could this be i cant find crew , I called one last person Bruno Trouble as he thanked me he said he would be on the Adelle . But had I considered asking the Media desk they finally had a day of and they would just love it .

I jumped on My bike flew down to AC village from Up town  probly one the wildest bike rides yet all down hill I think i did it in Five minutes a New record . first stop Iain Murrays Office .  I asked would it be ok to steal away half his family today to come crew with us . See half the media desk is his wife and Daughters as well as head of Ac operations daughter all internal Ac family really . He was like John Thats a great idea.  But first you better win and second you better bring them all home LOLO.

Now these college bound girls had grown up on probly some the most advanced yacht in the world Sallied the Sydney Hobart well in Harbor and had a pretty pedigree background as far as America's Cup goes .

I could go on and one about this but long story short We won we won the first race I had ever skippers a Version Five not at the Atlantic line of o on San Francisco Bay against some of the worlds most beautiful Yachts in the world we won ..Ill tell one thing I learned the ACA is second-life while about as good as its gonna get is missing on thing . The heavy weather helm these boats have . man was I tired at end of the race.

The third boat I got to helm America's cup class was the America her self not the original of course but the exact replica . Finally's day of the Super Yacht regatta.  And guess what we won that race I cant take credit for skippering that day my time at helm was brief but I did man the head sails most the race .

So my point Ive raced some AC Class boats and all where exciting in there own way . Unforunately I didnt get sail the AC72 after Andrew Simpsons death that was illuminated not be the safest idea.

I was on the top of list at OTU there even was a false alarm  one morning I got the call practice race your on in the south bay get down to Pier 80 . Going alway to gearing up . Learning the Air bottle and PFD drill the Proper use of the rig cutting knife even almost to the dunk tank. But cross up seemed Larry elisions nephew was in town and he had gotten the same call .  And then Sir Bens Boats one which I was going to ride on had a problem , Foil problem I was told . So they took only one boat out. That day . Maybe next time mate Jimmy said .

I did get to ride crew chase boat just in case a window opened it never did . Over 10 months last year i chased these Flying AC 72s sometime tied to the bow of a chase Rib so close we could reach out and touch it . Most time getting soaked in Foil spray There no way to explain it its just like chasing the space shuttle or something like that Ive ridden on Mod 70s I ve chased them and ths is just a complete different monster .

The Ac 72 Wild Wind demo was released not finishes not near complete but does give you a sense of what to come ..
Im happy to say also the AC72 we had been development and AC45 programs are back on track lead completely By Midi she has what i wold have to say the most realistic AC72 In World Yet , with Four working Flap elements realistic scale and animations the Wind script is still being tweeked . We were promised the Bwind 2 engine that seemed to take some kind of Political turn and only was re;eased to a certain few.  Mid not one to wait rewrote her own engine a engine that like the Windwind will reward Practice and perfection lets cross our fingers the AC 62 is being built . and when we have more specs she will be scaling the AC72 and our AC45 Into one boat.

Until then we race race The AC45 every friday and will start scoring for the Challenger series soon like the Rl will starting in 2015 that will use the AC45 some rumor foiling Ac45s that remains to seen .
I would remittent if I didn't thank many people here . from Corry for her great designs to Midi hours of coding as well . To supporters that race every week and practice for hours ,

To the support from GGYC in Rl the America's cup and Stan Honey sharing his Data with us to everyone that believed in iSail  But most I have to thank Bruno Trouble and Louis Vuitton for my Start . from  Second Life to screaming across Sf bay or the Canals of Venice to the Coast of England to the great historic Newport and NYC Yacht club . Him and one other person made alot this happen for me . And that would be My love Roan Blackburn . who with her financial support her personal support and love we would of never made it Out of the BOX we call Second-life  .

Also Irish Gent having had the same vision as me to bring the America's Cup to Second-life lots more to come like water lost and lots of water for AC Park and Pavilion and Seychelles Isles Sailing sims . So come grab your spot in SL Sailing History the best is yet to come .

We are taking candidates to be on our AC Committee lead by Roan Blackburn Kentrock Messimer mark tenders course makers Umpires  and Judges .

We also have a Sail for life Challenge coming up on the 17 this is a AC45 Bid to race Regatta that will kick of Sail fest a Sail for life Jazz fest in the estates all day . you can sign up here . Sign up Sheet


  1. I would like to sail one (45 and 72) , but too expensive for me. (talking of SL).

    1. I think we can did the only 2.000 lindens up for ya .

  2. Sooo very well written, Don, what there was and is to say about the WW AC45.
    This boat really is a hit and I can tell, addictive.
    I never liked the WW boats a few years back as they lacked of sounds, and so I almost missed this treasure.
    I'm in SL since 7 yrs and never so far have I experienced a boat inworld that caught my attention like the AC45 did.
    This boat is so amazing, it captures me for hours everytime we sail it, and we sail it daily.
    Really not comparable with soft sail powered vessels, and as a multihull not everyones taste. But she has charm, and like you discribed it very well, it's exactly that "sweaty palms" and "riding on the edge" thing that's so thrilling about her and lures you to sail her over and over again.
    Mastering the wing and flaps truely is a challenge that is big fun to take and you always discover some new interesting details that push the limits of sailing in SL a bit further.
    For me as one, the AC45 represents the biggest fun I ever had in SLSailing and it's good to see the group of racers joining us is growing weekly.
    @ Bea: Forget the Demos, theyre crap, malfunctioning and only good enough to look at.
    2k L$ for the full version is a really good deal, considering the immense capability of this boat.
    Why dont you just come and join us on a friday race, even for watching only. And if you like them, I'm sure some of us will happily help you bearing a part of the fee.

  3. I was interested in AC45 (not at all in AC72). I watched few videos here and there.
    But long ago I chose to not sail any more boats with a text hud that I can't stand. My choice, my taste.
    Let me know if that text hud may be removed.
    I am still waiting for a cat providing me the same sailing experience that the Big Cat by Hans Zimmerman 7 years ago. That boat had some flaws, but also many unequalled qualities, and a crucial one: sailing with feeling, and no gestures. I stopped sailing her when Hans added gestures.

  4. Bea, the hover-text hud can be toggled on/off by menu. Plus the boat is modify, so you can delete the script that's responsible for the hover-text.

  5. If any boat sails by feel its the AC45 . With the hud shut off but theres one thing the speed is some to get use to . And you,ll find your self geting past like your sitting still wondering whats just happened . Evn thou you feel like your screaming across the water .

  6. TY. Does it come with an external graphic hud?

  7. Yessss, a rectangular button-HUD and a square Info-HUD

  8. Ok ty. I will buy one as soon as I can pay for it.

  9. I visited Seychelles islands for half an hour, looking for an AC45 vendor. Went to several locations, including AC Park, but could not find a single vendor. I saw some for other boats, not for the AC45. Could you provide me with an LM to a vendor please? ty

  10. Bea they are for sale in borden sim at Wildwind in the little shack there

  11. Found it, bought it.
    Will write down a boat review:,2591.0.html

  12. John, Anu, I failed toggling off the hover-text hud. Can you help please? See,2606.msg10116.html#msg10116
    Thank you